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Are you struggling to build a loyal following devoted to your brand? Well, the first step to loyalty is actually liking the person. How can you expect loyalty from someone if they don’t even like you? That’s why we have launched Facebook Likes, to cultivate loyalty towards your brand. Whether you’re an artist, a business, it doesn’t matter. Our mission is to make others loyal to your mission. And if you stick with us, we’ll be loyal to you too.

Transform Likes to Loyalty

As we said earlier - Facebook likes are the first building block for constructing brand loyalty. That being said, loyalty is a two-way street. Meaning if you choose to invest with us, we will dedicate ourselves to bringing the best possible service to you that we can. This is the main reason why we implement a lifetime results guarantee to every service we provide - because loyalty is a core value of ours. We are loyal to your satisfaction as a customer and we are dedicated to ensuring you stay satisfied by ensuring you never lose the growth we deliver you. And we can’t wait for your audience to reciprocate that same loyalty as it exponentially grows with Likes.

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Facebook Likes

Our mission is to provide you with the necessary resources and tools to excel on Facebook and accomplish your goals.


$ 4

  • 100 Facebook Likes


$ 20

  • 500 Facebook Likes


$ 37

  • 1,000 Facebook Likes


$ 173

  • 5,000 Facebook Likes


$ 316

  • 10,000 Facebook Likes


$ 1,438

  • 50,000 Facebook Likes


$ 2,588

  • 100,000 Facebook Likes


$ 11,500

  • 500,000 Facebook Likes

1 Million

$ 20,125

  • 1 Million Facebook Likes

5 Million

$ 86,250

  • 5 Million Facebook Likes

10 Million

$ 143,750

  • 10 Million Facebook Likes

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Discover the Perks of Facebook Likes

With Facebook Likes, you can enjoy the benefits of brand loyalty as newcomers to your account are impressed by your page being showered in likes. When people see you are liked by many, they want to be a part of that fun too. Sit back and relax as we take your account to the next level.

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