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With 93% of businesses on Facebook, competition is cutthroat. Winners of the Facebook game are those with the most attention. That’s why you must capitalise on the most powerful Facebook attention metric - shares.

The significance of Facebook shares.

Facebook is all about monetising attention. And whilst there are many ways to garner attention, few are quite as effective as your viewers sharing your content, as it makes the process of attracting newcomers to your content more organic. That being said, your content needs to be truly special to compel someone to share it to their friends, which is why we have launched Facebook Shares - to remove the need to create masterpieces just to have your content shared. This means that whatever content you make, it will be shared, regardless of quality.

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Our mission is to provide you with the necessary resources and tools to excel on Facebook and accomplish your goals.


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Explore the Benefits of Facebook Shares

Enjoy increased visibility and credibility with Facebook Shares. We use a numbers-driven approach to generate a buzz around your account, and nothing gets a buzz going quite like thousands of people sharing your content around their social circle. Discussions around content are what keep the heart of social media entertainment beating, and shares are a fantastic way to facilitate these conversations.

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