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TikTok Saves

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$ 1

  • 10 TikTok Saves


$ 2

  • 50 TikTok Saves


$ 3

  • 100 TikTok Saves


$ 4

  • 500 TikTok Saves


$ 5

  • 1,000 TikTok Saves


$ 8

  • 5,000 TikTok Saves


$ 15

  • 10,000 TikTok Saves


$ 67

  • 50,000 TikTok Saves


$ 118

  • 100,000 TikTok Saves


$ 504

  • 500,000 TikTok Saves

1 Million

$ 840

  • 1 Million TikTok Saves

Prove your Content’s Rewatchability with TikTok Saves

When your TikToks are saved by numerous users, it’s a testament to how truly special your content is, because it suggests your content is highly rewatchable. When newcomers see that your content has been added to favourites by many people, they will assume your content is premium quality before even watching it.

Why TikTok Saves are So Special

In a world where our attention spans are ever-decreasing, it’s no surprise that TikTok has taken the world by storm, with short-form videos under one minute being its primary content. But since we’re going there just to relieve our boredom for 60 seconds, it’s very rare we watch a TikTok more than once. But sometimes, we come across a 60-second burst of entertainment that’s so great we save it to re-experience it. That bookmark signifies quality. Add that mark of quality with TikTok Saves.

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Discover the Perks of TikTok Saves

It’s very hard to create a TikTok that’s so phenomenal it makes the user save it to watch again. After all, you only have 60 seconds to convince the viewer your video’s a gem. But with TikTok Saves, we bypass the difficulty of having to create a masterpiece just to compel the viewer to press the ‘bookmark’ button. Regardless of your video’s quality, it will be saved.

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