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Comments are the cornerstone of consumer-brand interaction. Interactions with your audience are what humanise a brand in the eyes of the consumer, which is very important for cultivating trust, which ultimately leads to sales. But without comments you cannot facilitate interaction with your followers. This is why we have released Facebook Comments, so you can start humanising your brand today with comments - the single most effective way to interact with your following over social media.

You See Comments, You See Reliability

Facebook comments are the engagement metric with the highest return on investment. Content with a high number of comments is the fastest way to grow organically, because it signals loads of people are attracted enough to your content to actively engage in discussions with others about it. It’s essentially the most obvious indicator of human activity and interaction. Newcomers to your account will find it much easier to trust and invest in you when they see thousands already doing the same thing. Let’s engineer that trust with Comments.

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Facebook Comments

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Comments are the most effective way to engineer trust. But they are also the hardest form of engagement to drive to your content. Fortunately, we have completely removed the difficulty from the process so you can enjoy the fruits of consumer trust.

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