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$ 1

  • 10 Youtube Comments


$ 3

  • 50 Youtube Comments


$ 4

  • 100 Youtube Comments


$ 13

  • 500 Youtube Comments


$ 23

  • 1,000 Youtube Comments


$ 105

  • 5,000 Youtube Comments


$ 189

  • 10,000 Youtube Comments


$ 840

  • 50,000 Youtube Comments


$ 1,470

  • 100,000 Youtube Comments


$ 6,300

  • 500,000 Youtube Comments

1 Million

$ 10,500

  • 1 Million Youtube Comments

Comments are Love. Love is Power.

Imagine you’re on the edge of giving up on YouTube due to minimal success, but then you see your first ever comment saying: ‘Your videos helped me through a really tough period in my life. Thanks.’ That comment gives you power. The power to keep making your videos that are helping people push towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Now imagine thousands, brought to you by Comments.

Why YouTube Comments are So Hard to Attain On Your Own

Do you know why your comment section seems devoid of life? Because comments require much more input from the viewer compared to likes. To like a video, all you have to do is press a button. Conversely, commenting on a video requires pressing multiple buttons to string together sentences that ultimately form a comment. Your video must have a profound impact on the viewer to induce that level of effort. This is why cultivating a lively comment section feels like a Herculean task. Even the stats reflect this - with only 0.5% of views converting to a comment. But the odds don’t have to be that harsh. With YouTube Comments, you don’t need to transform into an incredible motivational speaker. You just need to be you. And the comments will flow in.

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Manifest the Hype Effect With Comments

If you really want to conquer YouTube, you must control opinions about your content. And comments are the most effective way to do this. The first thing people do before watching a video is read its comments. The more empowering comments they see on your videos, the more you're hyped up in their head. So that before even watching the video, they already perceive you as a content god - all due to the opinions of others. That’s why hype via YouTube comments is the secret ingredient to YouTube stardom, which is what we bring to you at an affordable price plus:

  • Lifetime results guarantee - the comments you receive are yours to keep forever
  • Access to our exclusive Avramify community
  • Empowering comments delivered to you at ultrafast speed
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