Top 5 Obstacles YouTubers Face and How to Overcome Them

Top 5 Obstacles YouTubers Face and How to Overcome Them

YouTube has become one of the most popular content platforms in existence, with an ever-growing base of millions of creators and billions of viewers. While it is an amazing tool for creators looking to pursue their unique, imaginative goals and build a following of likeminded people, choosing to carve out your online space on YouTube comes with its own set of challenges. The best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience is by being prepared and staying ahead of the game with knowledge under your belt and tools to help you take full advantage of the system you’re dealing with! So, here are a few common obstacles that YouTube creators face and some advice on how to come out on top.

#1 - Demonetization 

One of the most prevalent and frustrating issues that YouTubers deal with is demonetization. YouTube has rather disciplined guidelines around what kinds of content can be monetized, and creators may find their videos either demonetized or limited on the ads they can display. This will include any type of unethical content, as well as anything inappropriate for sensitive viewers, which can unfortunately affect even those creators who are taking an objective and educational look at controversial issues. This can have a significant impact on a creator’s revenue and their ability to sustain their channel over a longer period of time. 

With that in mind, to avoid demonetization, the best thing you can do is simply stay informed and up-to-date on YouTube’s monetization guidelines and make sure that your content is tailored to comply with them. You should also be aware that the guidelines can sometimes change depending on the social climate, so it’s important to review them regularly. If your videos happen to get demonetized, look over your content as well as the guidelines to see where you went wrong, and make note of any changes that need to be made. After changes have been made, you can reapply for monetization!

#2 - Algorithm Changes

YouTube’s algorithm (as well as other platforms’ algorithms) are ever-changing to adapt to the various change in society’s trends. This leads to a regular frustration of creators finding that their videos are no longer being recommended or getting as much visibility as they did with previous strategies. While this can be frustrating, it pushes creators to continuously adapt their strategies to keep up with the latest algorithm changes and stay relevant in their field or genre, preventing any creative stagnancy!

You can overcome the constant algorithm changes the same way you can overcome demonetization—knowledge! Stay updated on the latest algorithm trends; do your due diligence to understand the platform that you’re using to create your success and adapt your strategies to the changes that are being made in your footing. This can mean experimenting with different types of content, tweaking their production process to make videos more engaging or shareable, or even something as simple as reframing your take on a topic. We also recommend maintaining a heavy focus on building a loyal audience so that any major adjustments to the algorithm don’t take away from the attention you’re already getting from your fanbase! Having an audience that consistently engages with your content can help boost your visibility in a lasting way that gives you a leg up in terms of algorithm changes.

#3 - Content Restrictions

Even more threatening than monetization, YouTube has strict guidelines around what types of content can be posted at all on the platform, and many creators will find their content restricted or removed entirely if it violates any of those guidelines. This can be challenging for creators who opt for creating content that strikes a chord in order to gain traction, or even for those with a more relaxed commentary style who choose to talk about something controversial. YouTube’s dedication to protecting its more sensitive viewers often causes creators to choose between being genuine and being seen. Navigating the line between pushing boundaries and risking censorship is something that can be done, but requires caution, especially if your content leans toward edgier concepts.

To avoid having your content restricted or removed, particularly if you know your content may be troublesome, take great care in being respectful and thoughtful in how you present the ideas that you’re discussing. If you’re producing controversial content, make sure that you’re not promoting hate speech or any other sort of harmful behavior. The purpose of YouTube’s content restrictions is to protect society from the influence of harmful ideologies, but in doing this, it has also created an environment where many walk on eggshells just to discuss a topic, even if not necessarily to discuss it controversially. Even so, such as it is, you must keep in mind any changes that are made to their guidelines and adjust your content as needed to avoid upsetting their system and keep your message in front of your audience!

#4 - Competition

As stated already, YouTube is a massive platform that’s only getting bigger and gaining more creators every day. In an environment where millions of people have extensive creative freedom and the opportunity to make their most imaginative dreams come true, you can’t even picture the sheer force behind the competition going on in the platform’s algorithm! It’s simply too attractive. The idea of approaching that kind of challenge can be one of the most intimidating parts of starting your YouTube journey, but with consistency and dedication, it’s quite possible to create the community you dream of.

To handle the ever-growing competition on the platform, you need to focus on producing high-quality content that is both engaging and informative. Your audience should feel connected to a force that teaches them something or gives them something else of value, like laughter. You should also be proactive in promoting your YouTube content on whatever social media platforms are available to you in order to make the most out of your presence in the algorithm. (If you want a boost that encourages the algorithm to recognize your value, go here and check out Avramify’s premium services for YouTube growth!)

#5 - Audience Engagement

Finally, creators can often struggle with audience engagement, simply because it’s easier for the audience not to do so! You have to take into account that attention spans and activity levels are lower than ever, so you need to build an audience that feels motivated to interact and support your content with consistent engagement. One of the first hurdles that creators deal with is the struggle of cultivating an active audience and they may find themselves lacking in likes, comments, shares and the like.

To improve on this issue, you should take care in building a strong community around your content. This means responding to comments, engaging with viewers on social media, and asking for feedback and suggestions to make your audience feel like their voices will be heard and recognized! Creators should experiment with different types of content to see what resonates well with their audience and make an effort to create things that are informative, entertaining, and inviting! It’s important to be consistent with your content production as well to ensure that your audience has a reason to keep coming back for more. (Find yourself struggling to keep up with engagement demands? Go here to find out how you can get the likes that you need consistently!)

With Information and Adaptability, You Can Do It!

Being successful on YouTube requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and know-how. By understanding these common obstacles and being prepared to do what it takes to overcome them, creators can improve their chances of building a thriving, lasting channel and reaching the audience they deserve to connect with. By staying updated on YouTube’s various guidelines and algorithm changes, focusing on high-quality content, building a loyal community, and using the tools available to position yourself on the platform properly, you can design a lasting brand and achieve your goals on the platform, no matter how competitive it may yet become!

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