7 Tips For Creating Engaging YouTube Thumbnails

7 Tips For Creating Engaging YouTube Thumbnails

One of the most important keys to optimizing a YouTube video is having a captivating thumbnail that visually encourages your target audience to view your content and respond. The thumbnail is the first thing the viewer sees when browsing for content, so it’s vital to ensure your thumbnail stands out and catches their attention enough for a second glance; it can easily make the difference between someone clicking on your video to check it out and scrolling past it entirely. Here are some basic tips for creating captivating YouTube thumbnails that will help grab your audience’s attention and make the most out of your online presence!

#1 - Use high-quality images

A YouTube thumbnail should be crisp and high-quality. Blurry, low-quality images will turn viewers away because it makes your content look significantly less professional! When creating your content, take care to use images that are visually appealing and relevant to your actual content. You can use a screenshot from your video that sends the right message, or you can go the extra mile and create custom thumbnails if you have basic graphic designing skills! The added component of attention and effort that goes into customizing thumbnails is useful if you can utilize some basic psychological knowledge about using visual effects to lure the human eye.

#2 - Keep it simple and easy to read

Let’s be honest—most people will only truly process messages that are quick, simple, and easy to digest in a split second. Your thumbnail should take advantage of this by keeping your verbiage simple and avoid using too many graphics or texts that could clutter the image at an incomprehensible level. Creators should be sure that the thumbnail can be easily understood at a split-second glance! Use bold, easy fonts and colors that contrast with the background so that the most important text stands out, and the words should be clear and legible no matter the size to ensure you make the most efficient use of the space you have.

#3 - Use contrasting colors

While you should take into consideration your own style and the type of content that you’re creating when choosing colors for a thumbnail, the most important part of attention-grabbing is using contrasting colors that force the viewers’ eyes to investigate the situation! Consider using bright, bold colors that provide a stark contrast with the background of the thumbnail to create this effect. You can also do some research into the emotional effects that certain colors have on viewers, but the basics are pretty simple. Essentially, you should simply take into consideration what kind of response your mind has to various colors and come up with creative ways to use this psychological habit to further target your ideal viewers! (i.e. pink makes people feel soft and affectionate, blue soothes, red invites pride and controversy, yellow promotes energy and excitement, etc.)

#4 - Emphasize emotion and facial expressions

Social media is all about human connection, however complex that idea may become as the digital universe evolves in time. This means that when viewers are browsing for content, they’re seeking information as well as a sense of community and entertainment. On YouTube, you can think of each channel as its own society that’s based on the ideologies and behavior presented by the channel owner! That being said, this means that you should cater to the viewer’s desire for human connection by showing them a human face. People are naturally drawn to faces, and an emotional expression or image can convey the tone and content of your video. Consider using close-ups of facial expressions (of yours or others involved in the content) that are relevant to the topic!

#5 - Use text (properly) to add context

Text can be a powerful tool to add context and lure in viewers, but even so, when used in excess it can become a visual annoyance, so balance is key! Use text to highlight main points or highlights of your video to help viewers understand what your video is about at a glance and why they may be interested in taking a closer look. The text you use should be short and to the point, as well as clearly legible, to avoid any lingering confusion when it comes to the video’s purpose. 

#6 - Use a consistent style

Using a consistent style for your video thumbnails can be extremely useful in establishing your brand personality and make your content ultra recognizable to loyal viewers! Repetition is the key to memory. It’s okay to adjust things with time, of course, but consider deciding on a color scheme or layout to stick with that will positively and accurately represent your personal style! This will make it easier for your audience to recognize your content when they’re scrolling, as well as make it easier for them to remember you when they see your signature color or style elsewhere. 

#7 - Test and optimize your thumbnails

As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to experiment and keep an eye on the results you’re getting as your methods shift. Try using different images, text, and layouts to see what generates the highest engagement for your videos so that you can further tailor your visual aids to suit your particular audience. Use analytic tools to track your performance and adjust your strategies based on what you’re learning about your audience’s preferences! The more you test, learn, and adapt, the more stability you’ll gain in terms of viewership and maintaining a loyal and active audience on YouTube.


Creating YouTube thumbnails that quickly and effectively hook the viewer’s attention is a key part of building a successful channel. By using high-quality images, keeping the visual simple and easy to digest, using colors that appeal to people psychologically, utilizing emotion and facial expressions, adding context with intelligent wordplay, and using a consistent brand style, you can multiply your chances of success on YouTube. Having solid foundational knowledge on what will maximize your thumbnail performance will give you a leg up in regards to finding your way, but be sure to remain in a student mindset when it comes to social media growth! You’ll need to continuously adapt wherever possible as the needs and interests of your audience changes.

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